doc. PhDr. Stanislava Přádná

Associate Professor




Doc. PhDr. STANISLAVA PŘÁDNÁ (born 1952) is a senior lecturer at the Department of Film Studies at Charles’ University in Prague (since 1994). She systematically published in specialized film reviews and magazines (Film a doba, Cinepur, Kino-ikon, etc.). Her lecturing activity focuses on the afterwar history of Czech and other European cinema at that time. She has been interested in Czech New Wave and film art of the sixties, brought out several studies of the most prominent filmmakers and their achievements. She was a co-author of the book on Czech New Wave The Diamonds of Everyday. The Czech and Slovak Cinema of the ’60s [Démanty všednosti. Český a slovenský film 60. let (2002)]. The most important in her bibliography is the monography called Miloš Forman. The Filmmaker Between two Continents [Miloš Forman. Filmař mezi dvěma kontinenty (2009)].

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