Students’ Projects

Our Students’ Projects


  • International Film Festival Zlatý voči

    International Film Festival for and from the students of film theory and other related studies.


  • International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava

    The biggest documentary film festival in the Czech Republic.


  • Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

    The greatest exhibition of queer author films in the Czech Republic. Recently, the Mezipatra festival also established a distribution company called QUEER KINO, the first and only one of such kind in our country, that is, focused on queer films.



  • Psychofilm

    The festival does not go on anymore.

Exhibiting, film-popularizing, and museum projects:


  • Muzeum českého filmu NaFilm

The first museum dedicated to the amazing history of Czech(oslovak) film history.

  • Campus Hybernská: Film

    Enjoy not-your-ordinary cinema at the Campus Hybernská, a student-friendly space in the centre of Prague.


Our students’ magazines are published mostly in Czech.

A magazine for modern cinephiles, published every 2 months.


An online magazine focused on non-mainstream and festival films.


  • Literary-cultural Magazine H-aluze

Literary- and culturally-themed magazine, coming out every 3 months.

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